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Cricket Pitch Construction

Are you dedicated to playing cricket? Does your pitch interfere with your overall play? If you are serious about playing cricket to the highest possible standard, it is important that you ensure your pitch is up to a high standard. J.Bascombe Contractors Ltd has years of experience in cricket pitch construction for cricket clubs, colleges and schools.  Bascombe Cricket Pitch Construction

J.Bascombe Ltd Cricket Pitch Construction Services

When you order a cricket pitch with J.Bascombe, it will be constructed and tailored to all of your sporting requirements. Every sporting club whether professional or amateur deserves a premium sporting surface. Our company is able to install multi-pitch facilities if requested and we are able to combine other sporting pitches like football pitches with your existing facilities. We provide the following services:

  • Cricket pitch care and maintenance advice
  • Cricket pitch design and construction
  • Drainage and irrigation

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Construction?

During a play, a substandard or badly maintained pitch can have a great effect on the final outcome and playability. One of the major benefits of our cricket pitches is that you and your cricket team will notice an immediate difference in the quality of the playing surface.  When you request a cricket pitch to be designed and constructed by J.Bascombe, with good maintenance, it will last a while.

Another benefit of our pitch constructions is that it shows your club’s dedication to the game and creates a professional image of a team that takes the sport seriously. If you are a frequent player, you will understand how a badly maintained or designed pitch can have a significant impact on your game. Rival teams will also be impressed and will look forward to playing on a superior surface.

Every cricket pitch installed by our company will have an effective drainage system installed. This ensures that your pitch is not affected by any problems throughout the year that could have a major impact on play during the cricket season. A frequently waterlogged pitch can impact on the appearance of your pitch massively during the summer.

About Us

With over 50 years of experience in the construction of sports fields, J.Bascombe has constructed many cricket pitches for a variety of satisfied clients from professional, amateur to schools and colleges. For the ultimate game-changer, do not hesitate to contact our team today on 01202 822 398 or alternatively you can contact us on