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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Do you have a commercial property with an extensive landscape? If you are dedicated to maintaining your property and ensuring it looks its best at all time, you will need a dedicated commercial landscaping maintenance service. With years of experience in landscaping, J.Bascombe is well placed to offer maintenance services that will look after and ensure your commercial landscape is kept in the best condition.

The J.Bascombe commercial landscaping maintenance service

If you have invested into landscaping your property, you will need to ensure that your property is well maintained after landscaping works have finished. Failing to look after your new landscaped commercial property will present a massive loss on the investment of landscaping your property.  Ensuring your grounds are well maintained will help to create a favourable impression about your commercial property.

On all landscape maintenance jobs, we will supply highly trained maintenance staff with the very latest equipment to ensure that your property is kept in superb condition. Our company has a background in landscaping, and this gives our staff the know-how necessary to maintain your commercial property to the high standards it deserves. We are able to provide your property with the following services:

  • Cutting of grass and lawns
  • Weed control
  • Cleaning your property of rubbish
  • Water features
  • Replacing and caring for hard and soft landscaping features
  • Routine maintenance

If a service you would like has not been listed or you would like to enquiry more about our commercial landscaping maintenance services, do not hesitate to contact J.Bascombe today.