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Commercial Landscaping Design

J.Bascombe Contractors has over 55 years of experience in providing many satisfied customers with the best commercial landscaping design service throughout the south coast of England and beyond. So whether you require our commercial landscaping design for a small or large property, we have the capabilities to provide a superb design service.

The J.Bascombe commercial landscaping design services

As a company, we believe in providing a landscaping design service that is tailored to meet the needs of every customer and their property. Our designers will take onboard your demands and present to you a design that takes into account the contours and features of the property in question. We are able to provide your property with the following features:

Soft landscaping design

Soft landscaping is when the landscape in your property is altered with soft vegetation and plants (in contrast to hard landscaping). Our expert team of landscapers are able to design your landscape with a great range of features including set colour schemes and more. We have listed below some of our soft landscaping design features we can provide:

  • Lush lawns (both seed and turf)
  • Great range of fencing
  • Wide array of water features
  • Huge choice of flowers and plants

Hard landscaping design

In contrast to soft landscaping, hard landscaping is when your landscape is permanently altered by the use of products like rocks, stones and many more for an effect that lasts over time. At J.Bascombe, we have expert designers who will take your ideas to dazzling new heights. We can provide your property with the following design services:

  • Drainage
  • Garden lighting
  • Wide range of paving including block, concrete and patio
  • Great range of ornamental features
  • Walls and pathways

Why choose J.Bascombe for your landscape design needs?

Our company has over fifty years of supplying many commercial properties with a superb commercial landscaping design service. We supply both hard and soft landscaping that will supplement the beauty of your property. On every project, we will supply highly trained and experienced staff who will provide your property with a superb service. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our staff today.