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Services From J Bascombe Contractors

At J.Bascombe, we believe in meeting all of our customer’s needs. Our company has over fifty years of experience in providing an expert plant hire, drainage, sports field and excavation service to our customers in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond.  J.Bascombe has the facilities to complete projects ranging from small to large.

Our Services:


Drainage is important as it will keep your land free of water and prevent it from being flooded. J.Bascombe provides farmland, landscape, storm water, trench and land drainage options for our customers. For more information on how our Drainage services can benefit you.

Plant Hire

We can provide a wide range of plant hire vehicles for commercial, agriculture, industrial and domestic purposes. Our plant hire vehicles come with experienced and licensed drivers and operators. More information on our Plant Hire services.

Lakes, ponds and rivers

Our company has years of experience in constructing and maintaining lakes, ponds and rivers for our clients. So if you are looking to expand a pre-existing water feature or add a new feature to your land, J.Bascombe is the company to choose. For more details about Lakes, Ponds and Rivers.

Sports field and golf course construction

J.Bascombe has the skills and manpower to construct for our customers a wide range of sports fields that will be of a high quality. We can construct the following:

  • bowling greens
  • cricket pitch
  • football pitch
  • hockey pitch
  • polo field
  • rugby pitch and tennis courts

Additionally, we can construct golf courses to the demands of our customers.  For a great sports field service, read up for more details.


Landscaping is one of the many services that our company can provide our customers. Our landscaping service will heighten and highlight existing natural features within your garden or natural space. Read here if you are interested in our Landscaping Services.


J.Bascombe can construct a wide range of equestrian features like mangers, stables fencing, tracks, roads and other features such as reseeding. More details on our Equestrian Services.

Sports field contractors

If your facility or sports club want several pitches constructed at one time, J.Bascombe provides a sports field contractor service for customers. We will construct professional pitches that will enable your team to raise their professional game, more information on Sports Field Contractors.